Ranking on google first page follow 20 SEO tips 2020

SEO tips 2020 | Step 1. Main title/ SEO title length- Always write your post and page
title in between 50 to 65 character max. More than this will be
trimmed by Google and less than 50 will not give a proper
account of the subject.
Heading structure/ Content structure –
H1 – Number of H1 in the post or page should be 1 – It should
be the primary title

. ..


Step 2. Words under one title/subtitle – You don’t have to use more
than 300 words under a title or subtitle. If it is exceeding, try to
put a subtitle in between

Step 3. Length of a paragraph – Always try to keep your paragraph
length near to 150 words max. If it is getting longer, change the
paragraph. It will improve the readability of the post and page.
-> Google accounts these things while giving a ranking position
on SERPs.

Step 4. Primary Keyword in the SLUG- Your main keywords should
be used in your- SLUG/URL/permalink and also try to keep your
permalink short.


Stop Words – in, under, with, for and more like this, avoid the
usage of this in the SLUG.

Step 5. Primary Keyword in Meta Description – Your main keywords
should be used in your Meta description and also try to use it in
the first part of Meta description.

Step 6. Meta description length – 156 character is enough. But for
better ranking you should use up to 320 characters, not an
-> Include your primary keyword in the first part of Meta

Step 7. Primary Key phrase in title and subtitle – You have to use
your main keyword in at least one title and subtitle. For better
result try to keep your main keyword in H1, H2 and H3 tags.
Long keyword -B2B lead generation companies
Subparts –
B2B companies
B2B lead generation
Lead generation
 Go for long-tail keywords, short keyword will automatically
be included and when you start blogging then ranking with
a long tail keyword is easy.

Once your website goes in good standing with respect to
DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), backlinks and
all then go for high competence keywords.

Step 8. Primary Key phrase in the First Paragraph -You have to use
your main keyword in the first paragraph. Also try to use
Synonyms of main keyword in that and try to use the primary
key phrase in the starting part of paragraph.
-> Google uses first paragraph as a Meta description like you
have seen in Blogger where we don’t have option to write Meta
But writing an SEO friendly first paragraph is same as writing a
good Meta description.

Step 9. Usage of Image in the Post – Always use at least one image in
your blog post or web pages
-> Try to use the relevant image just below or above the
paragraph and if possible then add your keyword on the image
through image editing.

SEO tips 2020

Step 10. Your images must contain the alt text (alternate text) –
You should not try giving your primary key phrase to alternate
text of all your blog images.
Use relevant keyword to describe the image through alternate
text. This is the right way of ranking a particular image on
We will cover about this in Image SEO techniques.

Step 11. Main Keyword in the alternate text – It is not required to
add main keyword in the alternate text. But yes, there should
be at least one image in your post which holds the main

Step 12. Content length – Minimum is 300 words. But you should
focus on writing long content. Try to cover all information in a
single post.
-> Also adds FAQs at the last of the post, if possible.
-> Always focus on providing Rich Content (include text,
images, quotes, videos) and try to keep the length in between
700 to 1000 words.

Step 13. Internal linking in mandatory – Self linking of posts or pages

Step 14. Outbound links is mandatory – Linking to other sites or
resources, at least one resource is mandatory.

Step 15. Linking of Main Keyword with inbound or outbound links –
You should never link your main keyword with any inbound or
outbound link.

Step 16. Main keyword in the first part of SEO title – Try to use your
keyword in the first part of SEO title

Step 17. Keyword density – It should be between 2 to 4 percent max

Step 18. Readability Improvement – Write short paragraph, use
Active voice, proper heading and subheading distribution, short

Step 19. Image SEO – Never forget this, we have discussed in the
next topic.

Step 20. Prominent Words –

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