Rumors about the PS5 Pro appear at a bizarre rate. The regular PS5 completed its second anniversary last November, and it was one of the most problematic releases for Sony’s console. Don’t get me wrong, the current console has no problems and has brought significant updates after nearly a decade of the PS4. However, the console was released at the height of the semiconductor crisis. For that reason, snatching up a single copy was a super difficult task.

For months, we watched stocks appear and disappear in a matter of seconds. It’s been two years, and things are much better now, but it’s hard not to consider this a fresh release, given the troubled launch of the new generation. However, there are many rumors pointing to a new PS5 Pro release, much to the displeasure of some PS5 owners.

Disclaimer: Most of the PS5 details are based on rumors, so treat them as rumors until official information comes from Sony


Some may find the rumors about the new PlayStation 5 Pro simply absurd. There are many players who have been unable to purchase the console because of obvious supply issues. Some players had to go through an entire odyssey to get their device, and now there are rumors pointing to a brand new console. Does this make any sense? Honestly, expecting a PS5 Pro from Sony at this point isn’t that absurd.

The PS5 looks like a fresh device, but it’s already two years old. The history of releasing incremental updates is nothing new for Sony. The company started this trend with the release of the PS4 Pro. A more powerful and capable model came three years after the PS4 became a reality. The PS4 was released in November 2013, and the Pro came out in November 2016 along with the Slim model. The PS5 was released in late 2020, so the console will celebrate its third anniversary in November 2023. If Sony follows the same pattern, the PS5 Pro could be introduced this November.

Some would say that the PS4 Pro was a necessary upgrade because the PS4 could not handle 4K resolution games. It was easy to buy the PS4 at launch, which was not the case with the PS5. So probably by the time it launched, the PS4 Pro felt like an older console. But the thing is, it was released just three years after the regular model. If the PS5 Pro gets significant upgrades, such as more powerful hardware for simultaneous ray tracing and high-resolution processing, then an upgrade would be warranted.


Sony recently released the PS5 DualSense Edge, which seems to be the company’s new idea for the Xbox Elite controller. What about the release of the new PS5 Pro, which will come with this controller right out of the box? From a business perspective, the more functional PS5 Pro will end up costing more (as in the case of the PS4 Pro), so it won’t directly hurt those who are going to buy the PS5. To put things in perspective, the PS5 costs about $499 in the US and £479.99 in the UK. The Dual Sense Edge costs $199 or £209.99 respectively. Just imagine the price of a console that comes with such a controller. Perhaps the same buyer who buys a PS5 won’t buy a PS5 Pro, but that’s relative. With the new hardware, the console could end up costing a lot more than the current console. We wouldn’t be surprised if the price reaches $599 or even $699. But this is just speculation, and Sony is trying to reassure itself after the PS3.


Rumors indicate that the release will take place in July this year. But this is just a rumor, we have to wait for an official announcement from Sony. Typically, the company makes announcements in the middle of the year, and the actual launch (the arrival of the console in stores) happens in November. So the rumored announcement in July is not that far from reality. In late 2022 Hideaki Nishino, SVP SIE Platform Experience, made an interesting statement about 2023: “By the end of fiscal year 2022 total sales will exceed 37 million units, and we think this will be a very important period for the platform as well. I hope you look forward to the next (2023) year.”

This suggestion dropped like a bombshell to spread rumors about the PS5 Pro. However, a significant portion of users believe that he was hinting at a new PS5 model with a removable disk drive. His statement was vague, but definitely hints at an update of the platform in 2023. For now, we’ll have to wait for official details. But that won’t stop the leaks from spreading.


Well, the PS4 Pro was a more bulky but stylish version of the PS4 Slim. So the PS5 Pro should replicate the design of the PS5 Slim… Wait a minute! Now we’re talking about the PS5 Slim. Come on, it will show up, Sony is always releasing thinner versions of its PlayStation consoles. And if there’s one console that desperately needs a slim version, it’s the PS5. The console in its current state could easily take up space in any living room. It’s a marvel that it’s quieter and cooler than its predecessor. It’s a pretty powerful machine with powerful hardware, but Sony will eventually release a compact version. It may abandon the removable plates in favor of something more streamlined. Meanwhile, the PS5 Pro could be a mix of the current model and any new design language introduced in the slim model.

These are just concepts

The PS5 Slim may turn out to be a so-called PS5 with a removable disk drive. This would allow Sony to sell it in both a digital version and a version with a disc drive. Or maybe Sony plans to launch it as a digital-only model that can easily access discs through a separately sold disc-reader. That doesn’t sound absurd, and Apple would love that idea. The cheaper Xbox Series S is a digital-only console that sells for a bit less. Either way, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the PS5 Pro get this new design approach as well. The new concept could bring some relief to Sony’s strained supply chain.


Given that everything about the PS5 Pro is based on rumors and speculation, it is hard to speculate on the technical specifications of this console. However, if Sony sticks to the same model as the PS4 Pro, it should get some quality-of-life improvements. First, the console should deliver Sony’s promised 8K resolution. In theory, the PS5 is capable of this. However, reality tells us otherwise. None of the PlayStation Studios games have come out on the console with 8K support. Moreover, even [email protected] is not available in all games, especially if Ray-Tracing is turned on.

We all know that Ray-Tracing is heavier even on the PC, and bringing NASA’s PC hardware into the $499 set is not an option. Nevertheless, we expect it to offer something beyond what the PS5 is capable of. We may not have to choose between resolution and frame rate, and the PS5 Pro will be able to handle them simultaneously. We won’t be able to see ray tracing in all games unless DLSS-like technology comes along. But it should still be more powerful than the current model.


Sony might want to take advantage of the PS VR2 launch to combine it with a more powerful version of the PS5. You may not feel the need to play at 8K, but it will become useful when you play in virtual reality. If Sony plans to compete with other giants in the segment, it may think about upgrading. Sony might consider introducing new GPU and CPU architectures, such as AMD’s Zen 4 5nm and RDNA-3 GPU. This would be an upgrade over the current model, which uses a Zen 2 processor with RDNA 2 graphics. Again, the hardest part is making it affordable, but it may be possible in the future.

Recent rumors point to the use of an improved water cooling system. The PS5 currently uses metallic liquid, which has proven to be a better solution than the silver thermal paste used in the PS4 series. The metallic fluid seems to do a great job, but the current fan may not be able to maintain the new (assumed) hardware temperatures. So Sony might want to use a better heat engine to keep the console cool and not throttle. Of course, this also means an increase in price and could lead to more complicated hardware.


Sony has almost completed the first round of games for the PS5. Generation began with Spider-Man Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 and God of War games. We also had a couple of other PS exclusive games developed by partner studios like Deadloop, Ghostwire Tokyo and Forspoken. Unlike third-party AAA games, Sony exclusives (until they come out on PC, of course) were released on both PS4 and PS5. There were exceptions that showed off the power of the new console, such as Ratchet and Clank: Into the Rift, Demon Souls and Returnal. But since the most anticipated ones came out on PS4, we can say that the first round of games was made up of cross-gen games. Now we expect a new round of games that will show the true power of the PS5.

You might argue that these games look and work better on the PS5. You’re right, but we want to see some games that will never work on the PS4 with its 2013 hardware. The new round of exclusives that should push the PS5 to its limits is also a good reason to get the PS5 Pro rolling. There are a few games that have not been announced. However, we already know that Death Stranding 2, Spiderman 2 and Wolverine are coming to the PS5 soon. The PS5 Pro will be able to get a ride on these new exclusives whenever they arrive.


I’ll reiterate that everything related to the PS5 Pro seems to be open to speculation. Rumors will continue to fuel our thirst for news about this console. We seriously expect Sony to release it any time sooner than the PS6, but for now we need to be realistic. Until more concrete information comes out, the PS5 Pro remains something of the future.

Sony has plans for 8K, after all, it advertised 8K televisions at 120 frames per second. The company called them “PS5-ready” on the PS Blog. There’s also a comprehensive Q&A there that explains that the current model is 8K compatible, but a future system update will allow it to output 8K content when it’s available.” If the company is serious about introducing 8K, 120 frames per second, ray tracing and more, this is where the PS5 Pro will find its place.

We don’t expect the PS5 Pro to be inferior to the regular model, most likely it will cost more. Most likely, it will be something made for enthusiasts. For this reason, if you really can’t wait to play the PS5 and found it at a bargain price, we see no reason to wait for the PS5 Pro. Given that the console is speculative, you can have fun with the regular model right now if you want. However, if none of the current games have caught your attention for the PS5, you may want to wait a few months. The truth will be revealed soon.

Sony will probably introduce “something” in 2023. Although most of the official details were based on vague words, some hardware rumors are spreading. So in the less shiny reality of the rumors, we will get a new regular model with a removable disk drive. Nevertheless, this will be something that should make it easier for Sony to stock this console.

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