How to add popup Ads or floating Ads  in footer for Blogger And WordPress

Do you know that Google will ban you after displaying an AdSense ad on a Popup Ads in the footer or AdSense sticky ads?

Broad AdSense ads are a smart way to increase your AdSense revenue. Adding advertising promotions to the budget will double the money. If you have a lot of ideas for your site and want to make more money through your site, you need to take the opportunity. You can also add ad promotions to your site and get your audience to click on ad promotions. Popup Ads in the footer

On the other hand, floating ads are effective when there is not enough space on your site. This would be an ideal location for all bloggers and websites to see if there is free space on the left and right sides of the blog. You can use this to make your ideal place to target your audience using temporary ads which can generate more clicks with AdSense. and plugin for blogger
This edition shows you how you can add floating AdSense ads to your blog. Apart from floating AdSense ads, you can use other affiliate advertisements to float on your blog. Before adding a temporary floating add, you need to look under the important points. Popup Ads in the footer

If yes, why did you search for it! Many new bloggers want to increase revenue by displaying AdSense ads on pop-up screens, but after a while, they will be banned. Before taking any action, please review the Google Terms of Service to help prevent you from being banned by AdSense. See more tips for not being banned by Google. The best step is to add ads between blog posts. This can also increase your revenue.

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Popup Ads in the footer
Popup Ads in the footer
<!-- FOOTER ADS --> <script src='//' type='text/javascript'> </script><br /> <script type='text/javascript'> $(document).ready(function() { $('img#closed').click(function(){ $('#btm_banner').hide(90); }); }); </script> <style type='text/css'> div#btm_banner { bottom: 0; position: fixed; width: 100%; opacity: 0.9; left: 0; } div#btm_banner img{ border:0; cursor:pointer; } </style> <div style='height: 0px;'></div> <div align='center' id='btm_banner' style='height: 67px; z-index: 9999;'> <div style='text-align: right; width: 983px; height: 15px;'> <img id='closed' src='// /s320/exit.png'/></div> <div style='clear: both;'></div> <p> <p><center> Paste Your Adsence Ads Code Here </center></p> </p> </div> <!-- FOOTER ADS -->

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