So far, there is only one phone in the Nothing company’s line, the Nothing Phone (1). And when it debuted, it revolutionized smartphone design. Now, in case you missed it, Nothing is almost ready to debut the Phone (2), and may also be developing the Nothing Fold (1).

Although Nothing has not confirmed the existence of the Fold (1), the official Twitter account did publish a post. This particular tweet showed a conceptual design of Nothing’s folding device. At a glance, it’s hard to deny that the designer did a great job creating the concept. It matches the true essence of Nothing. More specifically, it is so authentic that Nothing might eventually be inspired by it.


The Nothing Fold (1) concept comes from designer Brandon Paul, whom you may know as 3DPCat/BitJewel. He created some beautiful renders representing the Nothing folding device. They attracted so much attention that Nothing’s official Twitter account reposted and credited the designer.

One of the first highlights in the concept renders is the LED lights on the hinge. Of course, since we’re talking about a folding device from Nothing, it has to have bright lights! But the way the designer envisions the Nothing Fold hinge design (1) is quite interesting.

The conceptual rendering shows a long strip of LED light with a smaller round bulb at the top. Like the Nothing Phone (1), this LED Fold (1) design could work as a notification light. And if Nothing really moves forward with this design, it will be a very cool looking folding device.

Furthermore, the Nothing Fold (1) concept involves a device with flat sides and a box hinge. Even though it is only a concept, the folded device looks impressively thin when folded. If Nothing manages to realize this design, this device will definitely be better than the Google Pixel Fold and the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5.


What gives away that this is none other than a folding device concept is the internal display. If you look closely, you will notice that the internal display appears to be made of glass. If you follow the release of foldable devices, this choice of material is considered impossible.

So, if Nothing Fold (1) is actually in the making, do not expect it to feature glass in the internal display.

What seems possible, however, is an extremely thin bezel. The introduction of the Google Pixel Fold raised one biggest censure. It’s the huge bezels on the inner screen. And, in my opinion, Google could have chosen this design to avoid using a front-facing camera under the display. But the Nothing Fold (1) can come with such a camera.

On a related note, in case it wasn’t clear, I would like to clarify that all of the information you read here refers to conceptual renders of the Nothing Fold (1). Nothing may have no plans to release a foldable phone anytime soon. The company is currently focused entirely on the release of the Nothing Phone (2), which is expected to be a premium device. This device will likely debut in July of this year.

But since Nothing has republished concept renders of the Nothing Fold (1), there’s a chance we’ll get official information about the actual device in the near future. And if anything emerges, we’ll keep you posted.

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