Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is a big season, and there is a lot going on. Players may miss some important moments, but there are also many small details. Epic Games is a dedicated developer who likes to give its players Easter eggs and fun hints. They are present in every season, although not all of them can be discovered immediately. Here are a few of the best secret parts found this season.

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Easter eggs uncovered in the latest season of Fortnite

10) Potential map for the future

Check the map emote (Image via T5G on YouTube)
Check the map emote (Image via T5G on YouTube)

When using the “Check the Card” emote, a potential Easter Egg appears, which may be a clue to the next card. When using it, players become confused and flip the card repeatedly. The main reason is that the card they are looking at does not exist. Could it be a future map? Only time will tell, but Epic rarely does anything without a goal in the long run.

9) Vehicle clamps

Vehicle clamps were removed (Image via u/Blu3-Panth3r on Reddit)
Vehicle clamps were removed (Image via u/Blu3-Panth3r on Reddit)

Vehicle clips, which made some vehicles inoperable, caused some inconvenience in past seasons. In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, however, they have been removed. Many gamers may not have noticed, but they can operate any vehicle that appears on the island.

8) Fire cosmetics

When using fire cosmetics, whether a new burning bling in the form of a bat or another, the flame burns almost constantly. However, the flame goes out if the Fortnite player goes into the water while wearing or using it. It will return later, but it cannot be lit underwater.

7) Midas’ gloves

When using Midas’ skin, everything turns to gold. However, it is deactivated when he puts on his gloves in the “Bodyguard” limited time mode. In this mode he cannot turn all weapons gold, as his gloves do not allow contact with the weapon.

6) Snake Easter egg

Snake on the Tactical Shotgun (Image via T5G on YouTube)
Snake on the Tactical Shotgun (Image via T5G on YouTube)

Players may not notice the tiny green screen when using the tactical shotgun. It looks as if it would be some sort of scope if it were a real weapon. However, when zoomed in, it is actually a Snake game.

5) Brite Bomber’s secret

Brite Bomber's secret (Image via T5G on YouTube)
Brite Bomber’s secret (Image via T5G on YouTube)

Players can launch missiles while gliding if they have a Brite Bomber and a full set of her cosmetics. They do no damage, but they are one of the few cosmetics with secret properties.

4) Blueprints for building

When you build and change materials, the blueprint paper your avatar is holding will also change.

The blueprints start with wood, and if you switch to brick or metal, the blueprints will change too.

3) Akira reference

The motorcycle slide scene from the movie Akira has become iconic and has been recreated in many different forms of media. Fortnite is one of them, as the trailer for Chapter 4 of Season 2 showed some cosmetics doing the motorcycle slide to perfection.

2) The Foundation’s hidden profanity

An unused voice line of the Foundation cursing was found (Image via T5G on YouTube)
An unused voice line of the Foundation cursing was found (Image via T5G on YouTube)

In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 and several other seasons of The Foundation, Dwayne Johnson voiced many lines. He was an integral character, but not all of his lines made it into the game. Epic has files of unused voice lines, and they were recently discovered. In them, the Johnson Foundation pronounces “f-bomb.”

1) Grogu’s Easter eggs

The Mandalorian and Grogu make a great cosmetic pair in Fortnite, but players might not notice the latter’s activity, since he is usually behind them and is something of an afterthought. If you wait long enough, Grogu will get items, such as a ball from a razor comb or a bowl of soup that he eats (mark 11:25).

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