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Video-written empowers you to create your own whiteboard-style animation video without any design or technical information. Your need is a message, an idea, or something to communicate with the world.
Whiteboard animations usually take hours of work, to create a full production studio and a talented artist. Write with the video, you take the power of a multi-thousand pounds production suit in your hand.[URIS id=1854]

  • easy to use
    VideoScript creates an animated sketch with images you choose Place a text and picture on a canvas, add a voiceover or soundtrack – then sit back and watch your story.


  • Professional-search results
    Choose from thousands of high-quality pictures and soundtracks at your fingertips Create attractive, stylish writer animations at a fraction of the cost of a commissioned video Create instant marketing and instructional videos for your organization

  • Guaranteed GNiNeted
    The video link not only increases the engagement and memories of your audience – they are three times more likely to share with explicit video conversations. VideoScribe will focus on you.

  • Fully customizable
    Getting your inner artist gives you complete control over VideoCheck – Choose styles, hands, effects, and filters to customize your authors. Add original artwork, voiceover, and branding to create a completely unique video.

features include –
• Rising Library of Thousands of images
• Import your logo or artwork (.svg format)
• Add a backing track or add your own (MP3 format) to our Royalty Free Library.
• Scale, rotate and organize images and text with endless possibilities
• Full color, outline, black and white effects and more
• Filters such as blurry, glow, drop-side
• Different types of left and right hand with different drawing tools
• Move-in drawing style option (where the picture is placed on the canvas instead of being drawn)
• Change the texture and color of the paper
• Export to YouTube, Facebook
• Video clerk share clips with PC / Mac and iPad / iPhone

View authors from around the world at

Version: 2.0.3 for Android 2.2+
Update on: 2014-08-15
File size: 49.485.438 bytes
What’s new:

Minor bug fixes
Additional help button
Option to clear history


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